[Joseph DeGol]

FEATS: Synthetic Feature Tracks for Structure from Motion Evaluation

Joseph DeGol, Jae Yong Lee, Rajbir Kataria, Daniel Yuan, Timothy Bretl, Derek Hoiem

2018 International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV '18)






We present FEATS (Feature Extraction and Tracking Simulator), that synthesizes feature tracks using a camera trajectory and scene geometry (e.g. CAD, laser, multi-view stereo). We introduce 2D feature and matching noise models that can be controlled through a simple set of parameters. We also provide a new dataset of images and ground truth camera pose. We process this data (and a synthetic version) with several current SfM algorithms and show that the synthetic tracks are representative of the real tracks. We then demonstrate several practical uses of FEATS: (1) we generate hundreds of trajectories with varying noise and show that COLMAP is more robust to noise than OpenSfM and VisualSfM; and (2) we calculate 3D point error and show that accurate camera pose estimates do not guarantee accurate 3D maps.


Releases of FEATS and Data are coming soon!


This section includes the data for all 16 trajectories used in this paper. These trajectories are shown below.

Specifically, the download below contains the images for each trajectory and the ground truth in a *.gt file. Each *.gt file is a txt file containing the image names, timestamps, translation vectors (tx, ty, tz) and rotation quaternions (qx, qy, qz, qw).

Download Data

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